CTC Preforms

CTC preforms are commonly used for packaging edible oil. These preforms can be used to manufacture PET bottles that can hold around a liter of edible oil.

CTC preforms are heavier than most other variants have a 29-millimeter neck diameter. CTC preforms are used for manufacturing PET bottles for edible oil. Performs are a great way to manufacture liquid containers quickly. The various standards of preforms are mostly determined by their neck finish.

We offer a wide variety of CTC preforms for the edible oil industry.

Our Range

Grammage Neck Size Tentative Application
8.5gm 26mm 150 to 200ml Oil
10gm 29mm 150 to 250ml Oil
12.5gm 26mm 250 to 500ml Oil
14.5gm 29mm 250 to 500ml Oil
15gm 29mm 500ml Oil
16.2gm 29mm 500 to 750ml Oil
19.5gm 29mm 750 to 1000ml Oil
21.5gm 29mm 750 to 1000ml Oil
24gm 29mm 1000ml Oil
26gm 29mm 1000 to 1250ml Oil
52gm 36mm 1500 to 2000ml Oil